It is necessary to come to NYC in person to take advantage of our 25+ years of experience of providing custom contact lenses.

Transform Your Appearance

Our natural looking prosthetic contact lenses camouflage eyes disfigured by congenital eye defects or traumatic injuries
...changing the lives of many patients! 

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Prosthetic Contact Lenses

Custom Color Contacts has been the leading prosthetic contact lenses provider in the U.S. for more than 20 years. Our hand-painted lenses, made with a unique color bonded lens process, to ensure that the color does not fade.

In addition we can replicate the color, depth and detail of a real eye to create a completely natural look. We can closely match any disfigured or scarred eye from a congenital or traumatic injury. Our lenses have been fit on over 5,000 prosthetic patients over the years and have dramatically changed many lives!

Color Lens Medical Applications

color lens medical applications

There are several reasons to use Custom Color Contacts :

PHOTOPHOBIA – eliminate light sensitivity using various tinted lens designs
DIPLOPIA – eliminate double vision with occluder lens designs
MIGRAINES – reduce headaches with tinted lenses to maximize comfort