14 February 2019

Dr. Cassel and his Custom Color Contacts team helped Aidy Bryant transform into Sarah Huckabee Sanders with a pair of brown contact lenses.

Aidy Bryant (SNL) Transformed into Sarah Huckabee Sanders brown contacts
01 February 2019

Dr. Mitch Cassel provided SPECIAL EFFECT CONTACTS for Kate McKinnon and Julie Lois Dreyfuss for the popular Saturday Night Live Match.com Meet-n-Match event skit.

SNL - SFX Contacts for Kate McKinnon & Julia Louis-Dreyfus
13 January 2019

Worked with Dr. Mitch Cassel to receive custom scuba contact lenses in order for him to see underwater without using a scuba mask! View the Magic trick- DAVID BLAINE swimming with the SHARKS, holding his breathe for??

David Blaine swimming with sharks