Create your own character

We are one of the leading providers to award winning Hollywood makeup artists, helping to create the most natural looking color changes, aging effects, or the most horrific and supernatural looks.

Special Effects Lenses

For over 25 years, our special effects lenses have been used by the motion picture and television industries. Custom Color Contacts complement any look that makeup artists are trying to achieve: from the most natural effects (color changes, aging, blindness, disease, scarring) to the most supernatural effects (fluorescent, animalistic, druggy, mirrored, bloody, horrific).

We can customize a soft contact lens with any design, ranging in size from smaller iris to large full scleral eye coverage. Our group of highly trained doctors and technicians accurately design and comfortably fit the most unusual custom contact lenses.

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Fitting / Exams

Prior to lens ordering, all patients seeking special effect custom contact lenses must have an eye examination either in our New York City office or with another eye care professional in order to provide the following information:

» Keratometry (K) Readings
» Iris Diameter (mm)
» Pupil Size (mm)
» Iris Color (please provide photo)
» Design Requested

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Contact Lens Technicians

Although we are based in New York, we have arranged technicians to be available for movie productions throughout the United States, as well as in many international settings. The law requires that a professional eye care provider be present to insure the safety of the actor’s eye health and the responsibility of caring for, handling, inserting and removing the contact lenses. Our technicians are covered by professional liability insurance.


All special effect lenses are custom designed. The lens fees are based on the design, detail and lens manufacturing process. Please call 800-598-2020 for exact pricing.