Arranging a Consultation

Contact Lens Consultation and Fitting

Custom Color Contacts is a professional eye care company, providing the only FDA approved color-bonded soft hand painted contact lens. Our safe, unique lens process produces the most accurate color, detail and designs, plus a comfortable fit.

All cosmetic patients must come to our New York City  office for an eye examination. With over 25 years of color lens experience, Dr. Cassel and his Optometric Group practice help provide color choice to complement your skin and hair tones, as well as a careful lens fitting for maximum comfort and vision.

For cosmetic lenses, we will not accept any prior information from your eye care professional as a substitute for an examination or work in conjunction with outside eye care professionals. The reasoning is that these lenses require unique expertise to properly determine the exact iris diameters, pupil size, base curves, iris flecks, limbal rings, black backing to eliminate light sensitivity, and more.

We strongly suggest that patients intersted in PROSTHETIC LENSES  also travel to New York City to take advantage of our expertise. Our large color lens inventory and fitting experience will ensure the best possible results. We will, however, work with eye care professionals for prosthetic and special eye effect requests if you are unable to come to  NYC.

Please review our order form prior to calling us in New York City at 800-598-2020. We will gladly provide any information to help you with your prosthetic lens order.