Color Matching

Any color can be created using our color-bonded lens process, from the most challenging light blue, gray and green iris colors to very dark brown. Subtle variation of coloring within the base iris color called iris flecks and coronas, or thin and thick limbal rings (outer black border) can also be included to highlight unique coloring that is specific to the patient’s natural good eye (for prosthetic use) or requested color (for cosmetic use).

Matching an eye color for prosthetic use is always a challenge, as the eye is translucent and can change based on lighting conditions and reflections from clothing. Although you can never exactly match an iris color due to these variables, Custom Color Contacts can match eye coloring very closely, making us the leading choice for prosthetic and cosmetic requests.

We use several techniques to help artists depict the most accurate color matching for your specific lens requests. Our extensive inventory of soft color trial lenses, prosthetic lenses, hand-painted scleral shells and color chips helps us identify the best color choice to complement your skin and hair tones or to match for prosthetic purposes. Digital photography is commonly used to achieve high-resolution coloring and then color corrected to ensure the most natural-looking tones.