About Us

Our team of experts

Dr. Mitchell Cassel

is one of the leading prosthetic contact lens specialists in the eye care profession. He has lectured extensively on prosthetic lenses and consulted for leading contact lens companies including Johnson & Johnson’s Vistakon, Wesley Jessen, Ciba and Coopervision. Cassel is also a top provider of special effect contact lenses for the motion picture, television and video industries. He has worked on over 1,000 productions. The doctor received his degrees from Lehigh University and the Pennsylvania College of Optometry. He has received additional education in Optometry and Contact Lens Technology, including therapeutic and diagnostic credentialing.


Dr. Sarah E. Klibanoff

has been practicing with Studio Optix since 2002. She graduated from Queens College summa cum laude and from SUNY Optometry School with top honors. Dr. Klibanoff was also inducted into Beta Sigma Kappa, the Optometric Honor Society. She has received the Dr. William M. Eisenberg award for excellence in ocular disease, The Dr. William Feinbloom award for outstanding clinical proficiency in low vision, The Dr. and Mrs. I. Ungar award for excellence in optometry, and the Marchon Award for excellence in dispensing.


Sandy Fenner

has been working at Custom Color Contacts for over 15 years. She is one of the most knowledgeable and caring Contact Lens Opticians, specializing in color lenses for prosthetic patients, cosmetic patients and actors needing special eye effects. Careful color matching for prosthetic patients is one of the most critical factors in a lens fitting, and Sandy’s experience with our large color lens inventory and digital photography insures a perfect fit.


Dawn Proto

has practiced with Dr. Cassel for over ten years. She has worked with leading makeup artists to maximize the comfort and vision of actors fit with special effect contact lenses. Both on the set and in the office, Dawn has helped actors choose contact lenses and eyewear. She has selected contemporary and period eyewear for many major motion pictures.


What our customers are saying

  • Dear Dr. Cassel,

    I just wanted to let you know in writing how much I appreciate the service provided by yourself and Sandy. When I made an appointment almost two years ago to inquire about a prosthetic lens for my damaged eye, I didn't know what to expect. What I found was a place that understood not only the importance of visual appearance, but the value of being able to look someone in the eye with confidence.

    Over the course of many fittings and color adjustments, I came to realize that you guys were not going to settle for less than perfection. Each lens was better than the last. have never met a healthcare professional as dedicated to his craft and to patient satisfaction.

    To make a long story short...Thanks!

  • Dear Dr. Cassel,

    I cannot thank you and Sandy enough for fitting me with my new lens. The last few weeks have been great. It does wonders for my self-confidence and comfort when socializing. Usually I hate pictures of myself because the asymmetry of two different colored eyes is very apparent in high resolution photos; however, with my eyes matched, now all the pictures from New Years turned out beautiful and I don’t feel embarrassed by them. Again, my thanks for your help...I hope you understand what a wonderful gift it is you gave me.